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All Indian association of plastic industries is incorporated in 1982, Plastic industries association of India is a leading Association of SSI and Medium Scale plastic processing units and related interests in the country.

As on date Association has approximately 800 Life Members with a total registration of 2500 approx. spread all over the country.

Right from its inception, Plastic association of India has been one of the most active Associations of plastic processing industry which has been known as alive to the various areas of problems/concerns of the industry with regard to government duties, policy of raw – materials suppliers, pollution potential of processing of plastic products, categorization of plastic products under Green category, Green category/permissible list ,non-biodegradable plastic bags, recycling of non-biodegradable materials, biodegradable plastic bags, environmental friendly plastic bags, recycle plastic bags, reusable plastic bags, all weather proof recyclable plastic bags, India customs & duty tariff codes, Indian customs duty and environmental effects of plastic production etc.it has been actively following up with various agencies to obtain satisfactory resolution of industries multifarious problems.

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